800Mm wide fridge freezer

Hisense RQ560N4WC– How well does it perform?

Filling huge fridge freezers with real produce is always a challenge, but Jackie did point out that we do now regularly get our five-a-day of fruits and veggies. We loaded the fridge section of the RQ560N4WCwith 1kg of fresh food (kg per 10l of space) and each of the freezers with 7kg (1kg/10l) frozen food.

Defrosting has become obsolete: noFrost Technology.

The sensors inside Siemens noFrost fridges deliver all the information needed to define the precise defrosting cycles for the appliance for instance about the surrounding temperature and the number of times the door has been opened. These controlled defrosting cycles prevent the build-up of frost on the inside of the fridge freezer, which also keeps energy consumption consistently low. So you never have to defrost the freezer again saving you time and effort.

Refrigerators from CDA

Cool, inside and out! Packed with features, the CDA cooling range has something to suit every kitchen from integrated units, compact freestanding models and American style fridge freezers; all designed with food care and safe storage in mind.

Best Fridge Freezer Reviews and Deals (2327)

For cheap fridge freezers, models that are small and slimline style or large and American style, look no further than our completely unbiased customer reviews and best retailer prices. Use them to find the best fridge freezers, whoever they’re made by; we have reviews of Whirlpool, Hotpoint, andBosch and many more.

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