Absorbtion fridge

Way Upright Absorption Fridges

Quality Way Upright Absorption Fridges makes a great spare fridge at home, install in your boat or caravan. Versatile runs on Gas, 240V or 12V – look no further than our range of Way Upright Absorption Fridges.

Absorption Refrigerator

A diagram of a common absorption style refrigeration system.The absorption refrigerator is a common alternative to the industry dominant compression refrigerator. Unlike their compressor-based cousins, absorption refrigerators have no moving parts and require only a heat source to operate. They’re most practical in areas with limited or unavailable electrical resources.

Many recreational vehicles use this style of refrigerator, utilizing the combustion engine as the heat source. Absorption refrigerators also offer a quieter, more green solution for refrigeration.

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Touring Caravan Fridges

Way fridges (Dometic/Thetford/Electrolux)

Fridges come in several sizes and several different basictypes. Which type is the best depends largely on how theowners plan to use the caravan. People who like staying inestablished caravan pitches, for example, do not need torely on battery power, so they do not need to consider howtheir fridge affects battery life. Size and ease of use are also important considerations.

The most modern fridges come with an LCD display panel but these do the same job as the older switches and dials.

baby changing unit with wardrobe and drawers

Saltdean, East Sussex Really nice and solid baby change unit with wardrobe and two drawers.Duck egg blue with white handles.Really good quality piece of furniture.Some small scuffs to paintwork but nothing major. Hooks on side for hanging bags of Nappies etc.