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MSK Plast supports daily management with Machine Track

MSK Plast is a contract manufacturer of plastic located in Ylihärmä, Finland. The company manufactures visual and high-quality plastic components for demanding conditions. The components are usually large and impressive.

Office Building Addition

Danuser Machine Co.

Project OverviewDanuser is a family owned manufacturing business that has been in Fulton for over 1years. They chose SOA to design a new, 10sf office building consisting of flexible open office areas ringed by private offices and conference rooms, and a cafeteria that transitions into the existing manufacturing shop. Using the computer model, SOA was able to create virtual building walk-throughs and daylighting study animations to help Danuser visualize the space and make design decisions.

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Jessica is a Senior Editor, covering next-generation data centers, security, and software-defined storage at SDxCentral. She has worked as an editor and reporter for more than years at a number of B2B publications including Environmental Leader, Energy Manager Today, Solar Novus Today and Silicon Valley Business Journal. Jessica is based in the Silicon Valley.

Getting Started with Hosts

Hosts are the most basic unit of resource within Rancher and is represented as any Linux server, virtual or physical, with the following minimum requirements:

Moneybox to £0

A KS money application where teachers and pupils can drag coins into a money box and then calculate the money box total. Uses coins 1p to 20p to a maximum total of £0