All we do is hoods

AWDis (All we do is Hoodies)

The phenomenal growth of the AWDis brand is a true success story with more styles, colours and sizes now available than ever before. different styles of hoodies and jogpants are now on offer in vibrant colours. Add in sizes that go up 5XL in some styles and XL for ladies’ garments to make an amazing total of 0possible combinations!

Ductless (recirculating) fume hoods

Mainly for educational or testing use, these units generally have a fan mounted on the top (soffit) of the hoo or beneath the worktop. Air is sucked through the front opening of the hood and through a filter, before passing through the fan and being fed back into the workplace. With a ductless fume hood it is essential that the filter medium be able to remove the particular hazardous or noxious material being used.

As different filters are required for different materials, recirculating fume hoods should only be used when the hazard is well known and does not change.

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Cooker Hood Not Extracting

A cooker hood not extracting correctly is a very common compliant that people have with these appliances and there is a number of simple things that you can do yourself to prove or disprove that there is a fault with your extractor.


Can be difficult to find a heat proof, fire rated version. Scratches easily. Has a cheaper ‘feel’ than glass.

Other Types of Splashback

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a splashback. Some people choose to simply leave the painted wall, although this does leave it vulnerable to damage from grease, food stains and condensation.