Artisan coffee

Artisan roasters strike black gold with UK coffee lovers

Echoing the burgeoning craft beer movement, micro-roasters are full of beans as they bring gourmet coffee to south Wales, the west country and elsewhere

Who are 9Coffee Co?

We are 9Coffee Co, a Coffee Roastery based in Dorset, in the South-West of England.We roast coffees from around the globe to meet the needs of our customers, throughout the UK and Europe.We supply both green and roasted coffee to a variety of customers ranging from the Houses of Parliament to Waitrose, other coffee roasters, coffee shops and farm shops to name just a few! 

welcometo our roastery

Freshly roasted and lovingly prepare the Tynemouth Coffee Company can deliver our award winning artisan coffee experience directly to your front door. With an unrivalled selection of global blends and tastes, you can enjoy the modern coffee shop escape, without having to lift a finger.

Monmouth Coffee Company

Why go? This Covent Garden institution has customers queueing out the door, possibly because there are a very few places to sit inside, hence the long bench out front. They sell organic beans (whole and ground) from hand-picked single farms, estates and cooperatives that will appeal to the caffeine connoisseur. All the staff wear hemp aprons and will never, ever write your name on your cup.

Get there early or you’ll miss out on the other main draw: the pastries.

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