Baking utensils set

Types of cookware and bakeware

The size and shape of a cooking vessel is typically determined by how it will be used. Cooking vessels are typically referred to as pots and pans, but there is great variation in their actual shapes. Most cooking vessels are roughly cylindrical.

The perfect prize for a keen baker! We have three sets of goodies from London’s favourite bakery to give away, featuring stationery, baking utensils and ┬úto spend at our six bakeries.

Baking Equipment Accessories

Here you can find everything you need to get you prepared and motivated for all kinds of baking projects! We are proud to offer an amazing range of high-quality baking equipment and accessories, so whether you are in need of essentials such as a hardy rolling pin or bakeware tin in any shape and size, or are looking for handy tools such as sugar craft moulds, icing or airbrushing tools, you’ll find them here.

Baking Patisserie

Looking for patisserie supplies and professional baking ingredients? We’ve got you covered whether you are a home cook or a pastry chef. From acetate sheets to chocolate couverture, concentrated flavours to multi-size cake pans, you’re sure to find that essential ingredient or piece of equipment.

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