Bbq oven

Crispy Baked Barbecue Chicken Wings

Basic chicken wings are baked to crispy perfection using a special dry seasoning mixture, then coated with your favorite barbecue sauce. They are then broiled to crispy, sweet, sticky perfection!

Oven- Barbecued Chicken

See this Recipe in a MealWho doesn’t like barbecued chicken? A serving of this recipe will go great with a side of greens and some rice. The best part? This dish will only cost you $per serving.

The BBQ/Oven cooking bag

Welcome to the BBQ/Oven cooking bag – an easy way to cook stunning food in the oven, on a barbecue, griddle or hot-plate

Create a meal sensation on the barbeque the easy way – with our BBQ/Oven cooking bags. Just place the food inside the bag, fold over the end twice, and place the bag in the oven or on the BBQ – it is that easy. 

Paleo BBQ Chicken {in the oven}

OMG, this Paleo BBQ Chicken is only made with ingredients, has a minute prep time, and comes out perfectly juicy! The best part is you can enjoy the BBQ taste without a BBQ grill.

All in One, for you to take anywhere

This unique telescopic design allows you to cater for more people with greater portability. Designed to be easily dismantled and carried within a specially designed backpack.