Bean to cup

Bean-to-cup coffee machines for offices

With our range of outstanding bean-to-cup machines, your office can effortlessly enjoy a wonderful selection of coffee and hot chocolate, boasting the best quality and flavour.

Perfectly ground coffee, every time

Non-wearing ceramic ensures that your coffee is ground as finely as possible, or to your exact specification. Metal grinders can hold onto coffee which later burns and taints the flavour, but this is impossible with ceramic technology.

Delonghi Prima Donna S bean to cup coffee machine ECAM255.B

Moortown, West Yorkshire Delonghi Prima Donna S ECAM255.B fully automatic coffee machine. Can make Cappuccino, Latte, Americano in fully auto mode where it adds the milk in automatically. You can even steam your own milk the real way in a carafe or use the automatic milk

Bean To Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

We offer fully automatic, non-traditional espresso and cappuccino Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for lease throughout the UK. From low volume (cups a day) machines, through to high volume (2cups) machines with Barista Steam Arms. All our machines come with entirely FREE delivery, installation and specialist staff training.

Discover how the touch of a button can make the difference for your office, restaurant, or commercial location today!

From bean to cup – the journey

Ever wondered what goes into creating the distinctive, fuller flavour and stronger aroma of a Costa coffee? Hover over the four stages below to discover the journey each cup has been on before reaching you.