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Why inform the Building Control Service?

Building Control will help achieve the construction standards set out in the Building Regulations. Future sales or properties where work has been completed without Building Regulation approval can be difficult.

ventilation in finished basement laundry room in old house

i have a year old house with a finished basement. in general i am not happy with the air quality in the basement. most of the smells and mustiness seem to come from the laundry room, where i also keep the cat box. the laundry room is in the center of the basement under the stairs and smells seem to migrate up the stairwell to the rest of the house.

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Modern windows. Fresh air for a healthy indoor climate.

Our own four walls should be a place where we can feel safe, relax, and recharge our batteries. Fresh air, light, air humidity, and temperature are the crucial factors for a healthy indoor climate. This defines not only our general well-being, but also our physical and mental performance.

Yet all too often, the balance of this climate is disrupted. The air is too hot or too col too dry or too moist, and mould forms in millions of households. The reason: wrong ventilation and heating behaviour.