Beer tank

Getting technical: The Hladinka, the Mlíko and the Na dvakrát

The Hladinka is the most famous way of serving beer in the Czech Republic and what you’d be given in bars there if you didn’t specify your preference.

We produce pressure bright beer tanks with variable dimensions and orientations

We can customize the dimensions and spatial orientation of the overpressure bright beer tanks according to customer requirements. We produce vertical and horizontal bright beer tanks, with the side-to-tank ratio being selected from several variants.

Moscot x Uncrate Eyewear

Since 191 the Moscot family has been selling eyeglasses in New York. And over 1years later, there are still generations of Moscots waiting for you at Orchard Street when you need some new spectacles or shades. For our lastest collaboration, we dialed up Zack and Harvey Moscot, the king and prince of eyewear, to resurrect a pair of bold frames from their archives that work equally well as sunglasses or eyeglasses.

What makes it different?

Well,the fresher the beer,the better it tastes. And an ice-cold draught of beer brewed the same day is about as fresh as it gets. While normal bottled beer has a shelf life of around months,even an untrained taster would pick up a noticeable difference in flavour between it,and a same-day brewed beer.

Castle Tank Fresh is delivered directly to the outlet from the brewery in a few hours.

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The Party Pack: Two POWDER COATED Black Drink Tank Growlers with one standard lid and one Keg Cap Tap systyem as well as limited Kickstarter Edition we teamed up with our friends at Sili Pint to offer this amazing Limited Edition. Continental US shipping included.