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Q: How much does a decent filter coffee machine cost?

A: Prices can range anywhere between £and £1(or even more), but a higher price tag does not always equal better quality.

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How to buy the best coffee machine

There are so many ways of making coffee that investing in a coffee machine for your home can be confusing. Before buying a coffee machine, you need to have identified what coffee you most enjoy drinking, how often you want to drink it and how many cups you will usually want to make.

Filter Coffee Machines

Back with a bang, investing in a filter coffee machine doesn’t mean over-brewe tasteless coffee, despite the misconception. We mean lovingly dripped coffee, which allows the complex flavours in single-origin and blended coffees to take centre stage.

Best Single Cup Coffee Systems UK Reviews 2017

When you want one of the best single cup coffee systems for your home then it is certainly worthwhile doing some research. Most of the leading brands and manufacturers have now created some type of one cup coffee maker.

Store Street Espresso: The Espresso Experts

Tucked away behind the British Museum, Store Street Espresso is an excellent choice all through the year but particularly in summer, when the seating area outside is a real suntrap.