Best gas ovens 2015

The Which? guide to buying the best freestanding cooker

Cooking on an easy-to-use freestanding cooker with the features you need and reliable heating can be the difference between cooking being a pleasure or a chore – so it’s important to find the right cooker for you. Watch the video above to find out what makes a Which? Best Buy.

Samsung gas ranges are tops in their class

Professional chefs prefer gas-powered stove burners because they are known for producing uniform, even heat. Gas-powered ovens, on the other han do not hold a consistent temperature as well as electric ovens in professional tests, so they tend to get lower ratings in those roundups than electric ranges. Gas ranges can be powered by natural gas or liquid propane (though a conversion kit may be required for the latter). Many consumers choose this type of range because it is generally more affordable to run.

The cooktops of many models (but not all) will work in a power outage, too.

Final Thoughts – Choosing A Gas Range

With the features and reviews highlighted in this guide, you should now be able to reflect on your cooking needs and select the best gas range for your kitchen and budget.

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