Best microfiber cloth for cars

Which of eight microfibre drying cloths dries your freshly rinsed car best?

That just-rinsed car may look shiny, but leave the water to dry and the gloss finish will be covered in marks. Minerals in the water are left behind when the water evaporates, making drying an essential part of washing your car.

Best Microfiber Towels in 2017

Before going into what makes the best microfiber towels, there are two things that need to be properly understood if you are to fully appreciate the value of these cloths. The first and most obvious is that people like clean environments. Whether in their cars, homes, or work spaces, there is a certain standard that must be kept, and given all the different types of surfaces and items there are to clean, this can be quite tricky.

The microfiber washing process

Although a lot of products are available with claims to rejuvenate microfiber towels, Gartland recommends carwashes do not take any risks, adding that the best way to care for microfiber towels is to follow the right laundering procedures.

Microfibre Car Cleaning Clothes

Microfibre cloths and towels provide a more efficient way to clean and dry your car when compared to other, traditional methods. For different colours and quantities, look no further than Euro Car Parts.

Microfiber Detailing Towels

Detail King offers high quality microfiber products for auto detailing including microfiber detailing towels and microfiber wash mitts for a perfect swirl free wash and drying procedure. We also have specialty microfiber products that will help separate you from your competition and make your vehicles that you detail not only shine but be so impressive that your repeat business and referral customers sky rocket through the roof!