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Deep Fat Fryer Reviews

Despite looking at chip fryer reviews, that try to portray the low fat cooking with less oil and the variety of foods you can cook with them, there’s not much more you can do, than use them as chip fryers. What if you can use your fryer for different things like southern fried chicken or cod fish.Friday is fish and chips day at our household we go to the local fish market and get cod fish to fry.

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The were surprisingly good– it was only possible to cook a few at a time – because only some of the basket is in the hot oil at any given time, and because the prawn crackers themselves expand so quickly – but, like the chips, they looked and tasted like the real deal.

Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer 3L Capacity

Harrow, London Deep Fat Fryer, Litre capacity. Great little fryer that is so easy to clean as it all comes apart for it. Only used a handful of times so in brilliant condition.Collect from Harrow Weald

How To Use A Deep Fryer

Always start by reading the instruction manual of your deep fryer because even the best deep fryer has some unique workings that should be understood before you prepare your first fried meal.

Fancy homemade fish and chips?

You can fry your own crispy chips just like the ones from the chippy. Our deep fat fryers will help you fry delicious food to perfection. Regardless of whether you choose a basic fryer or one with lots of features, you can treat your friends and family to a real take away food without having to go out. Our deep fat fryers are easy to use and clean.

Why not make Friday into a real Fry Day?