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Great every time

Enjoy amazing flavours, whatever you cook. The food temperature sensor, available in our CombiSteam Pro and Deluxe ovens, controls exactly how much steam is added to your dishes. So you can always relax and look forward to the delicious.

Versatility of steam oven

Another great advantage of steam oven is that we have different size of steam oven. Steam oven can be the same size of ordinary oven, or be as small as a microwave oven. And you can eat a variety of food cooked in a variety of ways: you can use different method to prepare food such as cook, bake, roast, grill, steam, defrost.

Those advantages turn steam oven into the most versatile choice.

MPU (Desktop Tablet)

We finished by making cauliflower soufflé. Placing florets of cauliflower into a perforated tray, we steamed them for minutes at 100C. Once cooke the cauliflower was soft enough to purée, to which we added egg yolks and nutmeg.

After folding in beaten egg whites, we placed the mixture into ramekins and cooked in the oven for minutes at 90C. The soufflés rose well and while they lost a little height as they coole they were light and fluffy.

Best New Countertop Ovens

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