Best wood for pizza oven

The Best Logs for Pizza Ovens

By adminMay 2 2016When it comes to choosing which logs to use with your pizza oven, the number one priority should be the moisture content, followed by the wood species.

Best Firewood for Burning

We strongly advocate the use of British hardwoods as it is locally source rather than coming in from Eastern Europe. We know where it has been grown and being hardwood is much denser and provides a longer burn than softwood. There is however nothing wrong with burning softwoo it’s just the fact that we feel hardwood presently provides better value for money.

How to set up fire in wood burning brick ovens

How to fire and heat up wood burning pizza ovens. Pictures of different types of fires in wood burning brick oven. Starting the wood fire and keeping a continuous fire for a long time pizzas making.

Reasons to buy a wood fired pizza oven

Modern wood fire ovens such as the Alfa Pizza Minuti are now very efficient and easy to use. Metal pizza ovens can take less than minutes to get to a cooking heat and 15-minutes before cooking pizzas (4to 5degrees celsius).

Pizza ovens are the hot new garden craze… former Blur bassist Alex James reviews the most popular and gives us his best buy

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