Black fridge with freezer compartment

Hotpoint Undercounter Fridge years ol in full working condition.

Aberdeen Hotpoint DSRLAAV22P.undercounter fridge. Used for years in a cafe, temp checks done daily and no problems. Some marks to door, see images.

Defrosting has become obsolete: noFrost Technology.

The sensors inside Siemens noFrost fridges deliver all the information needed to define the precise defrosting cycles for the appliance for instance about the surrounding temperature and the number of times the door has been opened. These controlled defrosting cycles prevent the build-up of frost on the inside of the fridge freezer, which also keeps energy consumption consistently low. So you never have to defrost the freezer again saving you time and effort.

American Style Fridge-Freezers

What To Consider When You Go Looking

The most stylish of all the fridge-freezer options, the American Style fridge-freezer is the absolutely daddy of the group. They tend to be large, uncompromising units that do everything you could possibly want them to do.

Currys Fridge Freezers

Currys fridge freezers are always affordable in price with many sales, discounts and offers for instore and Currys online. Currys also offer fridge freezers that are very efficient (A++ and A+++ Rated) so this means lower electricity bills and these are cleared labelled and explained when you ask about fridge freezers at Currys stores and Currys.co.uk.

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