Blender lid

Vitamix 11Blender Parts

Blender Lid Plug, piece, flexible thermoplastic rubber, complete, for oz. (liter) high-impact, clear container, for Touch Go Blending Station®, Drink Machine, Bar Boss, Vita-Pro® and Vita-Prep®, NSF certified

Blending Hot Foods in a Blender

A blender can be a useful tool in the kitchen and is great for making salad dressings, smoothies, homemade applesauce, healthy waffle batter, and much more.

Variable Speed Lab Blenders

WaringCapacity:liter/ liters Switch Settings:Variable speed 20RPM, for mixing, stirring, blending, or homogenizing Base:Die-cast, epoxy-coated base Container:LB20EG Heat-resistant glass with handle and two-piece vinyl and styrene lid

Cooking with confidence

Whether you’re creating culinary delights for the family or baking tasty treats, our extensive range of quality cookware, including all the essentials from our Home Collection, will suit all skill levels, styles and budgets.

The Verdict: Coffee grinders

Taking all into account you can’t beat the model from Sage. The super slick LCD interface and gorgeously modern appearance are supplemented by the vast choice of settings, which puts this grinder head and shoulders above its rivals, with an aromatic arabica in hand.