Blue zones

Eating to 1in Costa Rica

of 100-year-old Eulalia Mendoza credits God with her longevity, but she says she also has a little help from a friend who sneaks her an occasional beer from his nearby bar.

Live the Longest Life with the Blue Zone Diet

Blue Zones are areas on earth where people seem to live the longest lives, many for more than 1years! Two examples are Okinawa, Japan, and our very own Loma Linda, California. Because the rest of us wanted to know how these people are achieving this, scientists from all over the planet have been studying their behaviors ever since these Blue Zones were discovered.

One major similarity that has come to light is the way these people eat, and the good news is, the rest of us can eat like they do.

Get ready worl we’ll be here a long time.

Health. Longevity. Happiness. These characteristics define the Blue Zones, places around the world where it’s not unusual for people to live—and live well—beyond 1years of age.


“People in the Blue Zones eat their smallest meal in the late afternoon or early evening,” says Buettner. “And then they don’t eat any more the rest of the day.” Stick to three meals and try to schedule them all to occur within eight hours. Have a big breakfast (in which you consume about half of your daily calories), a medium-size lunch and a light, early dinner.

Start Small

Whether you’re teaching a child to ride a bike, ski, swim, climb, surf, or pitch, break down the sport into smaller skills and objectives. When our older daughter was first learning to ride her bike down our short but steep gravel driveway, we began at the bottom and worked our way up, moving a few feet uphill each time. This gave her clear objectives, built confidence gradually, and kept her (mostly) from flying down at full speed and landing in a bloody heap at the bottom.