Boning knife

How to choose a boning knife

The type of boning knife you use will largely depend on the job it is needed for and type of meat you will be handling. When choosing a boning knife, you will have the following options:

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First off, what is a boning knife?

Composed of a thin, somewhat flexible and curved blade measuring to inches long, the boning knife is designed to get into small spaces to detatch meat from bone. More firm blades will be more effective forĀ cuts of beef, whereas a more flexible blade will be better suited forĀ cuts of chicken. An extremely flexible version called a filet knife is preferred for delicate fish.

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Product Overview

Fine-edged boning knife is perfect for removing bones from poultry, meat and fish during food preparation. The curve of the blade offers greater control when making precise cuts. Properly forged handles give each blade the appropriate weight distribution and balance, which helps achieve a perfect cut each and every time.