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From casual lunches with friends and family to exuberant dinner parties, choose from a wide variety of everyday dining essentials – perfectly versatile and practical for all occasions.

Cosmic Diner – Lunar Bowl – Small – Ø cm

Brand : Diesel living with Seletti Also exists in other variations £Brand : A di Alessi 12£1Brand : Ferm Living 6£Brand : Seletti – £1instead of £2- Brand : Alessi Also exists in other variations 283£28Brand : Driade Kosmo 1£1Brand : A di Alessi 52£5Brand : Pols Potten Also exists in other variations 5£5Brand : Diesel living with Seletti 42£4Brand : Ferm Living 50£50Discontinued

Artesa Cheeseboard and Knife Set

traditionally styled cheese knives. Beautiful acacia wood board. For har soft and crumbly cheese. Perfect gift for cheese lovers. Part of the Artesa serving range

Culinair genietenBowls and DishesBowls and Dishes kiest alleen de beste en mooiste materialen uit om mee te werken. Neem bijvoorbeeld de productenuit de seriePure Olive Woo dezezijn gemaakt van 1 natuurlijke materialen!

Budgie Feeding Dishes and Bowls

Some breeders put all their budgie food on the cage or aviary floor, including the feeding dishes and bowls. Budgerigars are very happy with this arrangement – it’s how they do most of their feeding in the wild (without the dishes and bowls, of course). A feeder secured to the side of the cage is also fine – the budgie will perch and eat, and will not pine at all if you never offer food at ground level.