Bright coloured kitchen accessories

“Kitchens are increasingly turning into living spaces, they are no longer cool and sterile. Colour takes away the cold character of a kitchen sink and integrates it into the room. Using high-quality ceramics as part of emerging interior design trends gives us more freedom to be inspire and at the same time opens up new combination options.”

Lime Green Kitchen Accessories Add Pizazz

Add Fresh Pizazz With Lime Green Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen d├ęcor tends to be either old fashioned farmhouse style with plenty of warm wood or trendy sleek lines with shiny stainless steel reflecting light back and plenty of white.

Ways to Use Colour Effectively in Your Kitchen

Ways to Use Colour Effectively in Your Kitchen

FridayOctober 2015A more colourful kitchen can inspire you and greatly lift your mood – in a room where you cook for and entertain friends and family, having a space that causes inspiration and motivation is of the utmost importance. So here are ways in which you can use colour to create a more exciting kitchen.

Kitchen tile trends

Explore tiling When it comes to kitchen design, it’s the time of the tile. There are lots of beautiful new trends emerging, from irresistible touch-me textures to rich spice-market hues. So be inspired to create the kitchen of your dreams with our favourite tile trends.

The modern kitchen design guide

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