Built in log burners

Extra har heat resistant glass

The viewing windows in Dik Geurts stoves are made from a special infra-red chalcogenide glass. This is an exceptionally har heat resistant material that enables the fire to stay warmer for longer, whilst the glass stays clean to give a fine view of the fire.

Burning Wood On A Stove

The single most important piece of advice on burning wood on a wood burning stove is to ensure that the wood is well seasone with a moisture content of below.

My fireplace is blocked up. Can Kindle Stoves open it up?

Yes. We can also undertake any breaking out and finishing work your fireplace may need to create the look you want. We can do the plastering but do not undertake tiling or painting

Godin Anglesey Mini 5Kw

The Anglesey Mini 5Kw has been designed with modern properties and smaller rooms in mind. With its big window, but small output and clean design, it invites you in to see the flames dancing inside the stove. For modern properties you could connect the combustion air direct to the back of the stove, meaning you can maintain the thermal values within the property, without the need for additional ventilation in the space.

As a designated wood burning appliance, all the air patterns are balanced to give the best possible combustion, meaning low fuel consumption, whilst maintaining the view of the flames.

S-31A Wood Burning Fires

The highly efficient S-31A wood burning fire can either be built into a new wall corner installation or combined with the contemporary Odense surround. The Odense offers easy installation in the home; whether in a corner, against a straight wall or freestanding in the middle of a room.