Bulk wine glasses

What is the best way to store glassware?

We believe that one of the best ways to store glassware is with a wine glass hanging rack. Glass storage racks are designed so the stem of the glass (any stemmed glassware) can be inserted between metal prongs so the bowl is facing downwards. Different racks allow you store different glass capacities and they range in width, height and depth.

They can be used in the kitchen or dining at home, alternatively they are popular with bars and restaurants that hold large quantities and lots of different glass types.

Restaurant Water Glasses

When comparing various types of commercial glassware, you will find out that restaurant water glasses are some of the most heavy-duty. For instance, restaurant water glasses are thicker than other types of restaurant glassware, owing to a thick construction as well as straight sides. This allows restaurant water glasses to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant and kitchen environment.

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Wedding Alcohol Calculator: Buy Booze For Your Wedding

by Dana Eastlan Contributor You’ve bought booze for a party before, sure. But what about for a hundred¬†people, one of whom is your Nana? No?

Well, here’severything you need to know about how to buy¬†alcohol for your wedding. (Note: remember to buy ice).

Glossary of wine terms

From , the free encyclopediaJump to:navigation,searchThe glossary of wine terms lists the definitions of many general terms used within the wine industry. For terms specific to viticulture, winemaking, grape varieties, and wine tasting, see the topic specific list in the See also section below.