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Selling, buying and carrying knives

The maximum penalty for an adult carrying a knife is years in prison and an unlimited fine. You’ll get a prison sentence if you’re convicted of carrying a knife more than once.

Fiskars Functional Form+ 12cm Cooks Knife


Fiskars Functional Form+ 17cm Cooks Knife


Wusthof Classic 20cm Wide Cooks Knife


Yaxell Super Gou 120cm Chefs Knife

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Anatomy of Kitchen Knives

Understanding the anatomy of kitchen knives is essential when wanting to buy quality knives. The tip of the knife is the generally a sharp point, located at the opposite end from the handle, at the very end of the blade. The tip is used for precision work, and for making incisions and scoring. The cutting edge is the bottom edge of the blade, which is sharpened and used to cut, chop, or slice.

The cutting edge is either straight, rounde or serrated depending on the type of knife.

The beauty and sharpness of a hand-forged Damascus knife. Easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.

The perfect combination of high-tech and craftsmanship “made in Germany”. Recommended by German 3-star chef Klaus Erfort.