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Pic: A kind-hearted Cork woman has offered to buy a family Christmas dinner for just cent

By Joe Harrington

This is a lovely gesture.

Cork girl Emer MiMi has made a really generous offer to people who are a little less fortunate this Christmas.

Celebrating the Life and Work of Helen Dunmore

Booksellers quickly learn that most authors come and go but there are a rare number who become part of the fabric of the bookshop, the ones who feel like friends. Helen Dunmore was one such author.Dunmore, who died earlier this year, left behind a rich literary legacy; writing of great breadth, sensitivity and deep understanding of the human condition. Her final novel, Birdcage Walk, is Waterstones Fiction Book of the Month for August.

As we celebrate her life and work, authors John Boyne, Louise Doughty, Helen Taylor and Fanny Blake offer their own tributes to a generous and influential writer and friend.