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Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom Extractor Fans are essential for dealing with the wet environment in the bathroom. You need to take extra care to ensure there’s no build-up of mould or other nasty things. Our range of bathroom extractor fans will do all the work for you, making sure that all that excess moisture is sucked from the room for good.

There’s a huge range available, depending on your needs and tastes, from motion detector fans to extra condensation control. We stock all the main brands, Xpelair, Manrose, Vent-axiaand Greenwood.

Oven hood extractor fan stainless steel

Norwoo London Oven hood extractor fan. Used (years old) but in good condition and fully functioning. Changing only due to new kitchen design.

60W x 50D x 30H.All the parts retained when fitters dismantled it.Can deliver within miles of West Norwood.

The Cooker Hoods Buying Guide

Cooker hoods are designed to banish airborne grease, odours, and cooking fumes from your kitchen and save the surrounding area from getting as greasy. With a choice of ventilation methods, cooker hoods can be used in any type of home. Take a look through our buying guide and decide which one is right for you!

Cooker Hoods Extractors

Cookerhoods and extractors are a stylish addition to your kitchen whether it is a big, bold chimney hoo or Whether it is a neat, discreet ceiling or downdraft extractor. With combinations of stainless silver and black glass the CDA range is perfectin any home looking to modernise or stay minimalistic.

Kitchen Extractor Fans: What You Need to Know Before Buying

The smells and aromas that come from the kitchen can often be delicious whiffs and wafts of joy that call us for our food but some kitchen smells are more appealing than others. And this is when the humble kitchen extractor fans comes into play. Of course, the smell of lovingly prepared meals can be a real delight to the senses but, as more and more homeowners are creating open plan living space and as more and more soft furnishings make their way into the kitchen, you will ideally want to get rid of some odours as quickly as possible before the smells set into your sofas and cushions.