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We are a well-established local Company successfully serving local pubs, clubs, hotels restaurants since 2002. We stock all major kegs of beer cider as well as an extensive range of spirits, bottled beers/ ciders, wines and soft drinks.

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Viking DNA Keg

Brew YorkView other drinks from Brew YorkBrew YorkStyle: PorterVegetarian, Unfiltere Unfine VeganABV: Alc.Container: KeyKegSize: 3 litre(s)Register to view prices

Close Brothers Brewery Rentals (CBBR) is a subsidiary of Close Brothers Group plc.

Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services, and securities trading.

two king keg beer barrels bottom taps

Bridgend here we have two king keg beer barrels with a host of extras like plastic spoons spatula two brewing bins the kegs are the bulb top for carbonating your beer .also included is a sparkler tap as well as the taps with the king kegs siphoning tube.a