Caffe nero travel mug

Get a discount coffee by bringing your own mug

The chains where you can save money – and help save the planet

By Emma Woollacott Apr 201 12:-

Where to buy the cheapest coffee

Finally, don’t forget to shop around for the best deals when you’re buying coffee for your home store cupboard. You can easily save money by price matching your favourite brand at mySupermarket.co.uk

Starbucks withdraws 50p discount for customers who bring own cup after just three months

Campaigners slam coffee shop chains for not doing enough to stop 0cardboard cups being binned each minute

Tassimo by Bosch TFidelia Multi Drinks Machinefor £4from Argos

The Tassimo TAS4011GB features an intelligent barcode system, which will identify your selected beverage and automatically adjust the temperature, time and amount of water for each and every cup for the perfect hot drink

The latest pad fad

We saved the best till last, guys. Just when you thought we’d reached peak unicorn, something comes out of the woodland and surprises you. We’ve got unicorn hair and unicorn french toast, so it was probably only a matter of time before we had unicorn sanitary pads.