Cake display box

Cake Display Fridges

Are you looking for attractive and hard wearing refrigerators for displaying cakes and patisseries? Then, KoolMax Group is here to solve your problem. We stock an inspiring range of cake display fridges that not only looks striking visually but also economically feasible.

Whether you need serve over patisserie counters with big display decks or the extremely popular KoolMax Group’s range of multi shelf displays and the upright glass displays with their Prisma and Continental ranges, we house all of them.

PME Greaseproof Mini Bon Bon Cake Cases

Superior silver mini cake cases. For mini-bakes, chocolates and appetisers. Show off your creations in style. Lined with greaseproof paper. Also available in gold

Display Chillers

Display chillers provide an efficient way of showcasing large quantities of chilled produce in an attractive and shopper friendly way. Coming in many different shapes and sizes to suit each and every need display chillers are designed to increase impulse purchases within the store.

Tried and tested: the best fireworks packs

Pyrotechnics expert Darryl Fleming, who worked on London 20and the Rugby World Cup, gives his verdict on seven fireworks “cakes” for bonfire night

Cake Packaging Supplies and Cake Decorating Supplies Online

With more than years of experience in the business of cake packaging supplies and decorating accessories, we have expanded our fine range of products to include everything from cake boxes and stands to a wide assortment of cake decorating supplies such as icing, food colouring and sugar craft tools. Our rich history and passion in the bakery industry means that we only provide products of the highest quality, so your cakes have a professional gleaming presentation every time.