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Cake Display Fridges

Are you looking for attractive and hard wearing refrigerators for displaying cakes and patisseries? Then, KoolMax Group is here to solve your problem. We stock an inspiring range of cake display fridges that not only looks striking visually but also economically feasible.

Whether you need serve over patisserie counters with big display decks or the extremely popular KoolMax Group’s range of multi shelf displays and the upright glass displays with their Prisma and Continental ranges, we house all of them.

Patisserie Display Fridges

From patisserie display cases with styles to suit any bakery or deli, to more traditional wood finished bakery counters, we have it all here. Bakery display and patisserie display units available in chilled or humidity controlled for the display of chocolates and delicate patisseries. Our range of bakery display and patisserie display cabinets offer a great choice for anyone looking to create a professional, attractive display for their chilled sweets, desserts and pastries.

For more information on any of the bakery display or patisserie display cabinet in the range, please go to the website or call our sales team on0149174.

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Display Chillers

Display chillers provide an efficient way of showcasing large quantities of chilled produce in an attractive and shopper friendly way. Coming in many different shapes and sizes to suit each and every need display chillers are designed to increase impulse purchases within the store.