Camping dishes

Devilish Chorizo Chili with Hominy

Spicy and hearty, this chili only gets better when it’s made ahead. Tote it along in your cooler, frozen, to the campsite, heat it up in a Dutch oven on the fire, and serve it with hunks of warm cornbread.

6) One Pot to Feed Them All

One Pot Meals are pretty easy to scale up or down. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family of six, you can easily scale one pot meals to feed just yourself or everyone and their brother. You just need to get your hands on the right sized pot.

8. Make Ahead Olive Oil Granola

Sometimes when camping though, you need to get up and out to catch the light, the best temperatures, calmest water or whatever. For that you need a simple and quick breakfast, like granola. Orangette has been perfecting her granola recipes, and this Olive Oil Granola is one of the best yet.

Make a batch ahead of time and serve it with fresh or dried fruit and your favorite milk alternative.

Camping Plates, UK: A Final Note

Whether you are looking for dinner sets made of plastic, melamine or metal, there is an option for each of your likes. Before you decide on camping plates, UK, analyze your requirements with regard to size, weight, price, space requirements, number of members, ease of use, cleaning and environment friendliness. Once you are clear, choose your material, design, style and go ahead packing.

Camping with restaurant

More great news for our guests!! Our campsite restaurant pizzeria, with spacious terrace with views over the lake, offers guests both traditional dishes and pizzas for all the family. And this year why not enjoy drinks, ice cream or even a Mediterranean dish from our new Pool Bar and Snack Restaurant, overlooking the wonderful swimming pool?