Cda extractor fan

Cooker Hoods Extractors

Cookerhoods and extractors are a stylish addition to your kitchen whether it is a big, bold chimney hoo or Whether it is a neat, discreet ceiling or downdraft extractor. With combinations of stainless silver and black glass the CDA range is perfectin any home looking to modernise or stay minimalistic.

Common Cooker Extractor Hood Problems

Most modern homes and commercial properties now come with a cooker extractor hood in the kitchen, while any refurbishments allow the opportunity to retrofit one. This piece of equipment can help remove the steam and moisture from your kitchen, but what happens when it suffers a fault?

2102/400/4/1Ph Plate Mounted Extract Fan by Flakt Woods

The Flakt Woods 21range of low cost high quality plate mounted extract fans. Our recommended number one plate mounted fan choice Flakt Woods reputation for only manufacturing the highest quality products is evident with this low cost range of Plate mounted Fans. Buying this fan gives you the

Understanding the Use of Cooker Hood Filters

One of the most important components of the cooker hood is the filter. The filters are responsible for trapping any suspended grease particle (or other impurities) from the air that is released during the cooking process. This may be less of an issue when you are dealing with a vented cooking hood as any emission from the kitchen is directly transferred outside through the vent.

However, it is still necessary to stop grease particles from entering the fan or motor assembly.

CDA 3x 1D straight through Silencer

315mm dia x 315mm long straight through silencer (generally reduces a fan noise level by 7-10dB (A)* Can be supplied to either bolt directly to any manufacturer of cased axial or with spigots to mount inline with ducting. The addition of this silencer to a system will act in the same way a