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Classifying functional household ceramics

A ‘functional’ item is one that’s designed to serve a useful purpose. Functional household items are often decorated too, but the decoration doesn’t affect their usefulness – they work just as well as similar but plain examples.

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Welcome to Grayshott Pottery

One of southern England’s few remaining working potteries, Grayshott Pottery is a truly unique day to spend in the countryside where Hampshire borders Surrey, in the company of people for whom traditional craft remains a living passion.

Pottery is an ancient art form which has recently been enjoying a surge in popularity. Whether it’s throwing pots on a wheel or using traditional Japanese glazing and firing techniques, working with clay offers a wealth of different processes that give you the opportunity to create unique, tangible and functional artworks to take home

There are many ceramics studios throughout the UK, and we’ve compiled a list of places where you can get hands-on and have a go, from drop-in ceramics painting workshops to full-on academic pottery courses.

New UK ceramic armour being tested that may cut weight 15-

June 2011

Prototypes made from the material are still being subjected to full ballistic trials by the nation’s Ministry of Defense, the innovation is already starting to get considerable attention and gained at least one major award.

Ceramic Porcelain Painting

A porcelain or ceramic blank can be transformed into a colourful piece of pottery. Create your own unique artwork or a lovely gift for someone special.1