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large plastic plant containers

Wallsen Tyne and Wear Large plastic plant containers for sale, green and dark green. One is slightly larger than the other.Dimensions are as follows:Smaller dark green pot, height 40cm, diameter base 30cm, diameter top 54cmLarger green pot, height 46cm, diameter

8. Chandelier

Who says that beautiful chandeliers have to be expensive? For this homemade — and extremely cool — version, you’re going to make flowers out of empty plastic soda bottles by cutting off the ends and cutting them into flower shapes with scissors. After that, you’ll paint them in super-fun colours before using wire to fasten them together.

To see the rest of the instructions on how to make a plastic bottle chandelier, check out this tutorial. This chandelier is great for funky outdoor patios or gardens.

Caps Closure Systems

Plastic or Metal Continuous Thread (CT) and Child Resistant (CRC) Caps, Pumps, Sprayers and more. All here. All ready to go, either straight from O.Berk warehouses or via speedy special order. Thousands of selections for you to combine with our bottles means we can produce a unique packaging solution for your needs fast.

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Body Butter and Balm Containers

For your homemade body butters and balms, tins or glass balm containers are ideal. You want to make sure you store your butter in an airtight container so it will last longer.

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