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Hoover upright freezer

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Freestanding upright freezers

A clear manifestation of a really cool design: our freestanding upright freezers with their well-formed shape and clear, modern surfaces are guaranteed to turn heads. No matter where you put them in your home, they will always look great. Comfort features such as the SuperFreezing technology and NoFrost make sure that your frozen food looks great, too.

Solid Door Catering Freezers

Do you own a superstore, café or restaurant? Then, you might perfectly understand the importance of catering freezers to ideally store perishable food items drinks and beverages at consistent temperatures. KoolMax Group offers an extensive range of refrigeration appliances that are ultimate in style and functionality.

No matter you need a solid hinged or glass display unit, we have got it covered.

Freestanding or integrated freezer?

Freestanding freezers are the most popular and cheapest type to buy. There are lots of models to choose from, you can put them anywhere within reach of a plug socket and you can take your freezer with you when you move home.

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The Husky commercial upright display glass door freezer will make your store look stunning

The Husky commercial upright display freezer range comes in white as a single door or double hinged door option, and both also include locking doors and the eye catching full LED illumination.