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Fiskars Functional Form+ 12cm Cooks Knife


Fiskars Functional Form+ 17cm Cooks Knife


Wusthof Classic 20cm Wide Cooks Knife


Yaxell Super Gou 120cm Chefs Knife

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Chef’s knives jargon explained

Tang: This is the part of the blade that attaches it to the handle. Knives can be described as full tang or half tang. Full tang knives feature a tang that extends the whole length of the handle, which helps to provide strength and balance.

The tang in half tang knives extends only part of the way along the handle, although this may be as much as three-quarters of the length of the knife. Half tang will be fine for regular prep work but full tang is preferable for keen cooks.

The Best Chef Knives and Kitchen Equipment ALL Professional Chefs Use

A knife roll is used to keep your knives and personal utensils safe, they are a safe way of transporting knives. Also, this is an essential piece of equipment for every chef.

Japanese Chef Knives

Forged in Sanjo exclusively for Best Made, our triple-laminate Japanese Chef Knives have stainless surface layers with a high-carbon core: the perfect balance of resilience and performance.

Apollo Cerbera Stainless Steel Chef Knife

Apollo have used a carbon element in the production of the stainless steel chef knife. This allows a hard and durable blade whilst maintaining the correct degree of flexibility.