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5. Countryside Cycling in Yangshuo

Besides gazingat, or even climbing, Yangshuo's amazing toothy peaks, it's fun to enjoy some cyclingtime with your kids in the karst countryside. You can easily rent bicycles.

Lost Children of China: Part 1

When parents go to prison who takes care of their children? (SBS Dateline) PreviousNextShow GridPreviousNextHide GridPreviousNextAudio When parents go to prison who takes care of their children? Part of this story goes inside a unique orphanage in China, sheltering the kids of murderers and domestic violence victims and abusers.ByKaspar Astrup Schröder

China explosion leaves kids among seven feared dead and injured after blast rocks Fengxian kindergarten

Horrific footage from the scene purports to show dozens of victims lying injured and bleeding outside the building

Volunteer tasks under the disabled care volunteering in China, Beijing

As a volunteer working in this project, you will be asked to help in a wide range of activities at the centers depending on the age group of children and the needs of the project. Volunteer, typically, will be required to execute the following tasks;
Help to take care of the students’ safety when they are taken for outdoor activities such as shopping, going to a park, going to the library.
Playing and communicating with students. Provide support in teaching, English, music and painting
Doing some computer work.

Helping or teaching the inmates in making handicrafts.
Marketing promotion and website construction for the charity Help to organize some sponsor activities. ?