China vases for sale

Ceramic Chinese Decorative Wine Bottle Vase Pot Jar Vessel Zun Caligraphy sign

Tower Bridge, London Ceramic Decorative Chinese wine vase 35cm x 1 cm. Perfect for decorating room, outside backyar restaurant, garden, can be used as a vase or plant pot.units available. Single or multiple purchase.Collection only.

Vase sells for 4times higher than guide price in incredibleauction

Share this article with FacebookShare this article with TwitterShare this article with PlusShare this article with WhatsappShare this article through emailShare this article through smsThe Chinese vase had been valued at £8but sold for £810(Picture: PA) A Chinese vase with a £8guide price has fetched £810at a Birmingham auction after attracting interest from around the world.

Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Vases and Jars

The Royal PorcelainFactory (Now Royal Copenhagen) has issued many differentkinds of vases. Bothsize, motif, design and style varies significantly. See our selection below:

Vintage LEFTON Japan China Ceramic Dutch Girl Figu

ConneautAdorable little Dutch girl planter sitting on aone rose may be missing a petal (see photos). the vase is a cream/white color. Details:lefton, china, dutch, girl, shoe, planter, vintage, japan, ceramic, figureSee also:

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Old St. Nick 20Limited Edition Rectangular Plate

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