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Tips For Using a Chopping Board

Watch this video by Jamie Oliver and learn how this simple trick can safely secure your chopping and save your fingers in the process. Jamie also gives his recommendation on what the best type of chopping board is.

London plane chopping board

Produced from London Plane, these boards are all hand made in Hackney. Plane trees often fall in the UK, and Hampson Woods work with arborists to make best use of these iconic giants. They know the provenance of every tree.

 Once in their hands, they consider and shape each piece, until they are happy to put their name on it.

Solid Oak Chopping Boards

Chopping Boards hand crafted from one solid slice of English Oak. The beautiful grain gives each board a unique rustic organic look.The boards are not jointed unless specified.

Makes your wooden chopping board water repellent

.title_20336853{line-height: ;color:!important;text-align: left;}@media only screen and (min-width: 40em) {.title_20336853{font-size: ;}}Uulki wood treatment makes the surface of wood and bamboo water repellent. The wood wax wood oil layer prevents food liquids from penetrating the wood.