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We have a thriving online business selling new saw blades and router bits due toimmense knowledge of what saw blade or router bit is best for you intendedapplication. This means we need to talk to you to gain detail knowledge ofhow and what materials you are cutting before we can recommend the best blade.Saw blades are listed on the Menu Button under A-M and N-Z. Our primary suppliers are PopularTools, Amana Tool,Morse, LMTOnsru and CMT.

Please review the blade you thinkis best for your application by clicking on the link to read the specifications and pricing which appliesto saw blades from Popular Tools, and then give us a call.

Our servicing is available for:

Engineering Food processing Ground works/gardening Paper industry Window industry Wood working We can offer a wide range of services including:

Precision Sharpening Services

A regular maintenance/sharpening program will result in superior quality cuts and maximum useable life for your blades and cutters. Our service is guaranteed to return the cutting edge to new or better-than-new condition.

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Sharpening machines for metal circular saw blades

Medium grinding volume demand Medium to high grinding volume demand Medium to very high grinding volume demand Low grinding volume demand Slot grinding Manual dressing machines

Medium grinding volume demand

Saw blade diameter range: (40) 1– 8mmFlexible machine for customers with high expectationsSimple operation including clear screen mask with symbols and touch screenExclusive positioning of the grinding wheel by using electronic hand wheelProgramming of the following saw bladePrecision spacing for tooth pitch accuracy