Circular wall art

Wall Art Mirrors

As both talking point and focal inspiration, wall art and accent pieces draw the attention and punctuate a space. Adairs range of contemporary artwork and mirrors add a splash of beauty to your decor. Ready to hang, we have stunning designer wall prints to make a sophisticated statement. Choose from modern watercolours or floral photographics, monochrome portraits and botanic canvases.

You’ll also enjoy the elegance of our round wall mirror set in a solid frame, with generous circular proportions that are classic to a tee.

Personalized Embossed Letter Monogram Metal Wall Art

Monogram metal wall art is consisting of personalized letters and initials on decorative frames to welcome others on front side of main door or walls.

How to apply wall stickers

When you’re ready to install the sticker onto a clean, dry wall make sure the protective sheets, especially the front sheet, are perfectly stuck to the sticker by rubbing it all over with a plastic card on a har flat surface. Be sure to maintain a consistent, firm pressure.

Brilliantly Rich Copper: Upscale Design Element

Few options for wall decor can effectively compete with a gorgeously classy, artistically ground copper panel. The example to the right is a pair of companion panels with dark back panels (creating the border/trim around the edges.) The large, smooth wave pattern gives the copper a sense of liquidity – flowing across the surface of the artwork as the material almost seems to fold over in molten motion. An effective artist can convert your home or office into a space fit for Greek Gods and Goddesses

Your Artist: K. Weera

K. Weera is an artist who began humbly by making the plaques that other, established artists would purchase in order to mount their items. He had a knack for turning aging and discarded wood and perfecting their already distressed look, which other artists prized. Within the past couple years, he has mastered this distressed form (from treating the wood to hand-crafting it), and started his own business. He is able to turn discarded wood items or scrap wood and with care and attention, cultivate them into magnificent works of art.

Recently his works have started appearing in hotels and resorts throughout Thailan and more recently, in boutique hotels in the US.