Cleaning ceramic hob

How to Clean a Ceramic Hob

The glass top on a ceramic hob gets mucked up with burnt-on stains and spills over time. Customers often ask us how to clean it, and this article is our answer.

Hob Heaven Ceramic Hob Cleaning Scraper

Making it quick, easy, and safe to clean burnt on foods from your ceramic hob top, our Hob Heaven Ceramic Hob Scraper easily removes tough deposits to let your hob shine once more.

Ceramic Hobs by BLANCO

Designed to suit the way you cook

BLANCO BH4678Ceramic HobYour choice of hob is highly dependent on what energy source you are using ie gas or electric, however in the electric camp ceramic hobs are one of the most popular means of cooking in the UK, and with good reason. With a Ceramic Hob you get a great compromise between safety, performance and cost in your kitchen.

Tips on oven cleaning tools

You may not need all of these tools it’ll depend on the type of hob you want to clean but give yourself the best chance of doing a good job by using the right equipment. Mark regularly uses:

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Hob Oven Cleaning

Our prime cleaning products will create effects that are exceptional on all hob types including electric, gasoline, ceramic and halogen.