Cleaning hob rings

Tips on oven cleaning tools

You may not need all of these tools it’ll depend on the type of hob you want to clean but give yourself the best chance of doing a good job by using the right equipment. Mark regularly uses:

OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Grout Cleaning Brushes

Ergonomically designed for nooks and crannies. Thumb pad on large brush offers scrubbing force in comfort. Wiper blade on small brush removes built-up dirt from crevices

The Number One Oven Cleaning Solution For All Cooking Appliances

A domestic oven takes a lot of flak through everyday use. Constant high temperatures, bubbling grease and dripping fat can leave your cooker caked in dirt and grime.

Hob – Electric Ceramic

All grease and burnt on carbon will be removed from the hob, including hob covers (lids) as appropriate. Control knobs are removed to allow thorough cleaning behind these as well as cleaning the knobs themselves. Finally, everything is put back together and polished.


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