Coffee bag machine

Capsule coffee machines: pros and cons

Capsule coffee machines – also known as pod coffee machines – are easy to use and clean, extremely convenient and usually cheaper to buy upfront than other coffee machine types. However, they can be more expensive in the long run.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal

Avatar, the latest edition to the All-Fill product line, helps customers meet their packaging needs with vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machinery. Avatar is the perfect complement to All-Fill’s product feeders, auger fillers and checkweighers.Avatar provides a complete vertical filling solution capable of handling any product that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films.A variety of filling methods are integrated with the Avatar line to package products such as spices and seasonings, flour based products, coffee, snack foods, candy, chemicals and liquids.

Ground Coffee (Single Bags)

Our wide range of ground coffees are available in single bags which are perfect if you are using at home. Do you like to experiment with your coffee? Well, you can choose from a variety of flavours to suit any taste.

Entry-level Coffee Packaging Systems

BaggingGuys offers stand-alone equipment as well as integrated systems that allow coffee roasting packagingbusinesses to operate much more efficiently, for a very reasonable investment!

Tea and Coffee Sticks Machine

Tea and Coffee Sticks: no more spoon, no more filter bags

Tea Sticks are the new and unique alternative to filter bags. This revolutionarynew product combines the tea bag and the spoon, so consumers could drink tea anywhere.There are 11tiny, micro-perforated holes on each Stick to allow the tea or coffeeto dissolve in the water, as they do in the filter paper.