Coffee mill grinder

The Verdict: Coffee grinders

Taking all into account you can’t beat the model from Sage. The super slick LCD interface and gorgeously modern appearance are supplemented by the vast choice of settings which puts this grinder head and shoulders above its rivals, with an aromatic arabica in hand.

Krups Twin Blade Coffee Mill


Cuisinart Burr Grinder


Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder


Dualit Coffee Grinder

Now: £7

Best Hand Manual Coffee Grinder Mills

Many people like to use this very traditional method of hand grinding their coffee. Now it does require some manual effort of course, but some people quite enjoy this phase of the coffee making process. There are quite a range of these available and in a number of interesting styles.

The Secret Technique Revealed

Despite the aforementioned difficulties all hope is not lost. There are some guidelines that can greatly improve your chances of a decent cup of Joe. So, here they are:

Aerolatte Compact Electric Milk Heater and Frother

Makes perfectly frothed milk. Great for lattes, cappuccinos and café-style hot chocolate. Froths both hot and cold milk. With separate mixing paddle. Easy to clean non-stick interior