Cold press coffee maker

Cold Bruer Slow Drip Cold Brew

Designed by a coffee-loving mechanical engineer and industrial designer duo, the Bruer is the only one of the bunch that isn’t a full immersion (coffee steeping in water) brewer – instead it relies on a slow-drip process like that of many Japanese tower brewers.

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Guide/ByBenThe cold brew coffee craze has finally become mainstream as more people are opting for the cold brew alternative. Unlike regular iced coffee, cold brew coffee is brewed at around room temperature or at colder temperatures. This gives the coffee a mellower and less acidic taste.

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Maximize Nutrients, Minimize Time

For years, Fowler would get up extra early to make a giant fruit salad for breakfast. But chopping apples, grapes, pears, and whatever else he could find was a major time suck. Worse, the guys didn’t eat much of it. “So we started making smoothies,” he says. Now Fowler throws a bunch of fruit, plus kefir or yogurt, into a blender and serves it with a straw.

This has drastically reduced his prep time, and the athletes actually drink it.

Health and Environmental Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Statistics from the National Heartburn Alliance estimate that million Americans suffer from heartburn (Toddycafe.com, 2015).Traditionally brewed coffee can be a trigger for heartburn because of its high acidity.The acidity of coffee can also stimulate the hyper-secretion of gastric acids and increase the risk of stomach ulcers (Zmark.net, 2015).