Coloured water glasses

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Refillable Reusable Silicone Tea Bag

Reusable tea bag for loose-leaf tea. Easy way to take your favourite cuppa to work. Wide base plug makes it easy to fill. Long tag makes it easy to lift out of a cup. Dishwasher safe

Standard single vision lenses

All Specsavers glasses come with free standard single-vision lenses, scratch-resistant treatment, case and cloth. Extra lens treatments and options are available that can protect or enhance your glasses.

Arcoroc Glassware for Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Other Drinking Establishments

Arcoroc has been designing innovative solutions to the practical challenges faced by drinking establishments for over fifty years. Solutions that meet the needs of bars, pubs, clubs and discotheques with the added value of attractive, visually pleasing glassware that is pleasant to drink from. Arcoroc glassware: for the pleasure of drinking establishments and their patrons.

Walking Water Experiment

at least empty glasses (these are the ones we used) water food coloring paper towels Choose the colors you want to mix.We did red and yellow, blue and yellow, and red and blue.Fill a jar for each color and add food coloring.You will need an additional empty glass of the same size for each pair of colors.