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Ventilation and Condensation Solutions: Bathroom and Kitchen Extractor Fans

Vapour Flow design, manufacture, supply and install condensation and mould eliminating bathroom and kitchen extractor fans, humidistats and ventilation accessories for the housing market. From our premises based in Reading, UK, we supply our products to Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Private Sector Builders, from designer homes and heritage sites through to high rise tower blocks. more

A Guide to Fans and Ventilation

Why do we need fans at home?

Poor ventilation affects over million British homes and is estimated to cost over £5million per annum. Without adequate ventilation, the air can become stale and condensation can occur, resulting in a risk of respiratory illness and general poor health.

Anti-Condensation Products

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What is Condensation and How Does it Form?

However, before we explain all that, we first want to define condensation. So what is condensation and what causes condensation? Basically it is when water, which is already in the air, settles on a colder surface and makes it damp or wet. Over time this moisture can lead to damage by peeling paint off windows, and walls.

This window in Bath, Somerset was in a house we were called to a few years ago, it was fitted with metal windows which are notorious for condensation, and you can see what happened to the paintwork!

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Condensation and Mould

Condensation and Mould problems can cause a lot of damage to your home.