Convention oven

So what is a convection oven?

A convection oven deals with the problems of hot and cold spots and uneven like cooking result by using a fan to circulate air and keep the temperature more steady. When hot air is blowing onto foo as opposed to merely surrounding it, the food tends to cook more quickly. A short version of the scientific explanation for this is that moving air speeds up the rate of heat transference that naturally occurs when air of two different temperatures converge.

A convection oven does just that, it is a fan forced oven which circulates hot air around the oven chamber, hence acting as a catalyst for faster heat transference and a more even cooking temperature.

E7falcon convection oven 13amp electric

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Appliance Science: The circulating physics of the convection oven

How can a fan make things cook quicker? By moving the heat around. Appliance Science looks at the physics of convection ovens.

VM451SS Built-in microwave oven, grill and convection oven

The VM451SS is a built- in microwave, grill and convection oven all in one, making this a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment. The VM451SS has many features some of which include: auto/manual defrost, an LED timer, quick start, power levels, acoustic end signal, safety key lock and a stainless steel interior. The VM451SS also has auto cook programmes and is touch control.

The Best Recipes For Your New Convection Oven

November ,jadmin ,News and EventsCongratulations! You’ve purchased a professional convection oven from Jerome’s Calgary appliance gallery. But deep down you’re wondering if you will REALLY notice the difference between your new convection oven and your traditional convection model?

The answer is YES. Here are some of the best recipes that will demonstrate the features of your new professional oven.